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Breakneck Speeds. Multi-million dollar cars. The stakes couldn't be higher for… Fast Women, an award winning documentary about women in racing.


Sapphire Halo: Best Documentary Award
Los Angeles International Independent Film and Video Festival: Best Sports Documentary

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Television Airings

Fast women had its worldwide television debut on October 3rd, 2001 on Canada's WTN (Women's Television Network).

In the United States , Fast Women debuted in November, 2001 on WE (the Women's Entertainment network). Encore showings ran later on in December and then again in May and June of 2002.

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Film Festival Screenings

FanSource, A Fan Appreciation Weekend

Oct. 13 and 14, 2001
DoubleTree Hotel, Pasadena , CA

Los Angeles International Independent Film and Video Festival

July 12, 2001
Laemmle Theatre
9036 Wilshire Boulevard
Beverly Hills , CA
(Fast Women received The Best Sports Documentary Award)

Angelciti Film Festival

June 2001
Chicago, IL
The Angelciti Film Festival came to Chicago 's historic Biograph Theater to showcase films from over 80 filmmakers you've never heard of... yet.
Fast Women received The Sapphire Halo: Best Documentary Award

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May 2002
By Nika Arolczewski
Remember those old history movies you'd watch in school? You know the ones that whined and skipped letting you catch a nap before biology class.  Well, THIS ISN'T ONE of them. Who would of thought the adjective entertaining can be said about an educational film! Well FAST WOMEN a documentary about women in racing stand on the podium in first place. More...


May 29, 2002
By Tony Johns
Watching the documentary feature Fast Women , I was struck at once by how far women in motorsports have come and how far they still have to go. More...

Video Invest

March 6, 2001
By Mikael Jeppsson
Well done! I think that this movie is the best thing that has happened to the women of motor sports in a very long time! It has soul, sense and sensibility! This movie tells you everything that you could ever want to know about this sport concerning female race drivers… and more! Furthermore, this is a movie made by a woman but [it's not just for women]. It shows… the race woman's way of looking at [the sport]. This movie tells you how hard it is to be a woman in a male dominated sport and still become a winner! If you have not yet seen this movie, do so! You will not be disappointed

Radio 90.3 FM

San Jose
By Lance Silka
Fast Women is perhaps one of the best documentaries about female athletes ever made. Smart and informative, with a refreshingly organic style, it catches the real life passions, fears and frustrations of women auto racers. What I liked most about the film is the strong assertion that girls and women in this millennium can fulfill their dreams. Seven-time Indianapolis 500 racer, Lyn St. James, talked about first having a dream and then making that dream a goal. There was a strong sense in the film of how much racing meant to these women and how dedicated they were to their dreams. Fast Women is a must see.

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Center Stage - Mark Gordon Show

Los Angeles - Station Kxlu  88.9FM
Monday June 3, 2002, 10pm
Rachel Belofsky was on Center Stage to promote Fast Women 's airing on June 5th on the WE network and her other exciting projects.

Racing Round-Up Show

Arizona - 1360AM & KXAM.Com On The Internet
Monday, June 3, 2002, 7pm
Kaylene Verville interview. Kaylene is the 1st woman in the ASUC's 47 year history to win a sprint car main event.


June 2001

Chicago 's WGN Morning News, Fox Noon News And Chicagoland TV all had interview segments with Rachel on the screening of Fast Women during the Angelciti Film Festival.

May 2001

BBC interviewed Rachel Belofsky on Fast Women during the Cannes Market.

February 2001

Channel 36 DHTV interviewed Rachel Belofsky during the AFM on Independent Filmmaking.


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Entertainment Weekly

Chicago Tribune

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Racers Featured

Janet Guthrie
1st Woman in the Indianapolis 500

Vicky Jackson-Bell
1st WSMC 125 GP Champion

Tammy Jo Kirk
1st Women In NASCAR Craftsmen Truck Series

Patty Moise
1st Woman To Win A NASCAR Busch Qualifying Event

Shirley Muldowney
1st Woman Licensed In NHRA Top Fuel

Paula Murphy
1st Woman Licensed In NHRA Super Charged Fuel Car

Kimberly Myers
Maxwell House Real Hero Of NASCAR Recipient
1st Recipient Of Motorsports Person Of The Year Award

Shawna Robinson
1st Woman To Win A Pole Position In NASCAR Busch

Lyn St. James
7-Time Qualifier for the Indianapolis 500

Margie Smith Haas
American City Racing League

Hila Sweet
West Coast NASCAR Pioneer

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Special Thanks - California

Special Thanks – North Carolina

Special Thanks – Indiana

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Special Thanks – Equipment

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Buy the DVD

Fast Women DVDs

are available at Amazon.com, View.com and www.netflix.com


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Eric Snyder (Sound Mixer), Laurie Agard (Director), Ray Preziosi (DP), David Paone (1st AC), and Rachel Belofsky (Producer)

David Paone and Rachel Belofsky

Rachel Belofsky -- wishing she could drive it at the Watsonville shoot

Ray Preziosi and David Paone

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